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Moein Show, Laguna Beach CA

I’ll have some work hanging down in Laguna Beach til mid October, if you are in the Southern California area, please stop by.  Moein is by appointment only so please call the above number if you would like to view the work.  

Pangea Seed Show Honolulu HI

I’m happy to be a part of another Pangea Seed art show happening in Hawaii.  I made a custom frame for the painting I was asked to create for them, showing a selection of endangered sharks. The folks with Pangea Seed are planning on releasing a print of this work this fall, but the original […]

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Wavetank is finally done!

For years I have had this crazy side-project to create a small wood and glass tank in which a person could create a tiny A-frame wave. It may not be perfect, but its still pretty fun to mess around with. The slope of the tank was built up by clamping dozens of cut pieces of […]

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Weird Season: Bristol Bay Fishing Report

Well it was a bit of a strange season for salmon fishermen in Bristol Bay this year.  For a variety of reasons, the run came early, which led to some good early June fishing for the crews that were wise enough to start during free week.  It is possible a number of fish made it […]

Roll Up Gallery Show

I’m very excited to be showing at the Roll Up Gallery fri May 31st with some talented folks, including my SFAI classmate Alexis Amann. Come check it out if you can.

Interview with Jotopia

Chicken or Beef is a blog run by Jotopia, a German art and design site. Check out the short interview that they recently posted on their site, featuring some new work.

New collaborative Zine with Ryan Beavers

Just released a new zine with my pal Ryan Beavers, its a double sided deal with each of us taking a half and meeting in the middle. These are all signed, an edition of 100.   You can pick up a copy at these fine establishments: if you want it shipped to you, at RVCA on […]

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Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli

The next of the Clipperton Project’s art events will be kicking off this thursday Feb 21st in Mexico City at the Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli. Check here for info on the event. Shown here is the painting I just finished and sent down for the show. (“The Albatross and the Container” Ink on Paper 45×45″, […]