Pics up from Park Life show “Hove To”

Man last spring was busy, which led right into Bristol Bay Alaska salmon fishing season, which by the way was the best one I've seen since working up there starting in 2006! I'm finally getting back in the groove of art and family, and it came to my attention that I had never posted any pics of my recent solo show at Park life. So here they are.... Huge thanks to the artists that participated in the installation that took up part of the gallery space. Contributing artists were: Alexis Amann, Stephen Amato, Corey Arnold, Ben Ashton, Matthew Bajda, Bill Daniel, Future Farmers (Audrey Snyder and Joe Riley), Carrie Hott, Robert Leeper, Patrick Trefz, Libby Wood, Kanoa Zimmerman, and film footage by SUP legendary sailor Arthur Thanash.  The installation resembled the cabin for a fictitious sailor on a containership.

San Francisco Maritime Museum

I'm honored to be part of the re-opening installation with the San Francisco Maritime Museum. My work will be up on the 3rd floor through the summer. I'll be showing photography and sculptural works. Stop through, its a free museum with some beautiful murals made in the WPA mural program back in the day, plus too many amazing nautical gems to mention. 

New Book Out!

I'm excited to release this new book titled Modular Memory! 100 pages of photos, drawings, short stories and poems, this little 8.5x5.5" book is packed. Available in San Francisco at Park Life and Colpa Press, you can also purchase through my shop here

Fluid State- at The San Francisco Art Institute

I am very excited to be asked to show my work at my alma mater The San Francisco Art Institute.  I can't believe is has been over 10 years since I graduated, it feels like yesterday.  The show will be at the new graduate school at Fort Mason, in a beautiful gallery space that opens up their pier-top building.    Opening Wed May 30th - Aug 19th, with an opening ceremony on June 8th from 6-9.  Please stop by the opening ceremony if you can, extra incentive is that it will be sponsored by Fort Point Beer Co!!  For more info please see here at SFAI's website *****Update, show is installed and open! Below are some photos, stop by this summer!