Mexico Residency to kick off Clipperton Project

The ever evolving Clipperton Project is aiming to start things off right with a five month art residency at their headquarters just north of Mexico City.  They are raising funds to house two local artists from Queretaro State in Mexico.  In addition I have been given the honor of joining them for the initial/final months of the residency, where upon I will get opportunity  to curate an exhibition of the artists involved. Having this curatorial carrot dangled in front of me, I am already scheming of ways to include more San Francisco based artists in the exhibition as well, (I know there are so many here in the bay who have roots south of the border) to create a better dialogue between the SF and Mexico City arts communities. But the focus will certainly be on the two chosen. Check out the Kickstarter page here for more details and if you are able to donate a buck or two, please do! In addition to helping fund the residency, you have several options to receive prints, original works, and more. Now to get back to painting and practice my trilling in solitude to my outdated Spanish tapes! rrrrrrrrecomiendo

And we’re back

Made it back down to the lower 48, actually been back for a couple weeks. Had a decent season fishing, great crew, great adventures. Happy to be back home and in the studio once again. Lots of film to scan, this home scanner is not cutting it as you can see here. Lots of work to be done now! Plenty of updates on the Clipperton Project as well, check back soon!

Heading North

Well its that time again, heading up to Alaska for the sockeye salmon season. They're predicting a good run, so I hope we have a great season. Check back in at the end of the summer for some pics and stories.  seeya!

The Clipperton Project

Looking forward to meeting the crew of the Clipperton Project this fall. It will be an interesting international mix of scientists, sailors, and artists.  We'll be setting sail from Mexico to search for the tiny atoll far off in the Pacific and when/if we return, presenting our discoveries in what will surely be some creative formats. Check their site for more info on the trip, the island's strange history, and lists of the international exhibits already planned.
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Dang, A New And Improved Site!

  Well I finally hit my html limitations,  sucked up my pride, and asked for some help creating a new site. This should help me update everything more often and hopefully give me more time to get in the studio. I've got a ton of new paintings in the works and a short documentary on shipping coming along as well, so check back soon! - Martin
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The old blog

Well it makes me sad to just lose all those posts I did from years past, sure most are pretty pointless and immature, but hey I was never good at goodbyes. So here rather than import all of that foolishness, here is a link to what came before.