The Surfers Journal

I'm honored to have a profile in the new issue of the greatest surfing magazine ever, The Surfers Journal issue 29.3 June/July.   Please pick it up if you can, the whole magazine is incredibly well written, researched, and laid out with beautiful photographs.

Bends and Bows- A Solo Show at Public Land Gallery

I'm pleased to present a new group of paintings in a show titled Bends and Bows at Public Land Gallery in Sacramento Obviously with everything going on the show is mainly a virtual show at this point, though the gallery is taking some appointments for those interested. I put together this show with a unique challenge, to sail a 26ft boat from San Francisco to Sacramento and to create as many paintings enroute as I could. I brought a handful of recent works that were also done on short voyages on a small sailboat in the SF Bay.  Below are some images of the voyage and the show that was a result of it. As a side note, I left a day before the shelter in place order went out for the Bay Area, and as I sailed upriver, things got more locked down into Sacramento as well. A very strange time to take a trip like this, I'll have to do it again when I can enjoy the culture of the delta more, there certainly are some small town gems out there. Please contact Public Land for interest in works and check back in the next month or so as I'll be putting together a zine with them, including writing and more photos from the trip
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Guerrero Gallery- Secret Santa

I'm part of a big ol great group show at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco, up now through Jan 18th. Here is a link to the work online w/ prices. SO many talented folks, honored to be a part. Work by: Aaron De La Cruz • Adam Fiebelman • Alex Lukas • Alexis Reiko • Alison Pebworth • Ando Caulfield • Andrew Ingersoll • Andrew Schoultz • Andrew Luck • Andrew Wilson • Bay Hill • Bella Foster • Ben Quinn • Ben Vilmain • Brad Bernhardt • Brandon Olsen • Brett Flanigan • Brian Willmont • Brion Nuda Rosch • Bryon Christman • Casey Gray • Cate White • Cheryl Pope • Chris Sollars • Courtney Johnson • Cody Hudson • Christo Oropeza • Christopher Martin • Chihiro Hashimoto • Craig Calderwood • Danielle Lawrence • Elizabeth Russell • Emily Peck  • Eric Collins • Erik Bender • Gina Contreras • Harley Eaves • Jaime Munoz • Jeff Canham • Jocelyn Tsaih • Joseph Ferriso • Joey Enos • Jose Figueroa • Justin Hager • Kate Bonner • Katie Dorame • Kayla Mattes • KC Ortiz • Kevin Taylor • Lana Licata • Laura Figa • Libby Black • Liz Yoshiko Schmidt • Lucas Terranova • Luis Pinto • Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo • Malcolm Kenter • Marcos La Farga • Mark Mulroney • Martin Machado • Maryam Yousif • Matt Goldberg • Matt Gonzalez • Maya Hayuk • Miguel Arzabe • Muzae Sesay • Nick Makanna • Nick Wilkinson • Oliver Hawk • Paige Valentine • Patrick Martinez • Philip Maisel • Rachel Dwan • Rachel Marino • Rachelle Reichert • Rebecca Kaufman • Rebekah Goldstein • Rogelio Martinez • Robert Falco • Sarah Hotchkiss • Sarah Thibault • Serena Cole • Sergio de La Torre • Sofie Ramos • Tamsin Smith • Terry Hoff • Terri Friedman • Tim Diet • Tosha Stimage • Umar Rashid • Victor Reyes • Yukako Ezoe • Naoki Onodera • Nick Wilkinson • Mik Gaspay

Pics up from Park Life show “Hove To”

Man last spring was busy, which led right into Bristol Bay Alaska salmon fishing season, which by the way was the best one I've seen since working up there starting in 2006! I'm finally getting back in the groove of art and family, and it came to my attention that I had never posted any pics of my recent solo show at Park life. So here they are.... Huge thanks to the artists that participated in the installation that took up part of the gallery space. Contributing artists were: Alexis Amann, Stephen Amato, Corey Arnold, Ben Ashton, Matthew Bajda, Bill Daniel, Future Farmers (Audrey Snyder and Joe Riley), Carrie Hott, Robert Leeper, Patrick Trefz, Libby Wood, Kanoa Zimmerman, and film footage by SUP legendary sailor Arthur Thanash.  The installation resembled the cabin for a fictitious sailor on a containership.

San Francisco Maritime Museum

I'm honored to be part of the re-opening installation with the San Francisco Maritime Museum. My work will be up on the 3rd floor through the summer. I'll be showing photography and sculptural works. Stop through, its a free museum with some beautiful murals made in the WPA mural program back in the day, plus too many amazing nautical gems to mention.