Pics up from Park Life show “Hove To”

Man last spring was busy, which led right into Bristol Bay Alaska salmon fishing season, which by the way was the best one I've seen since working up there starting in 2006! I'm finally getting back in the groove of art and family, and it came to my attention that I had never posted any pics of my recent solo show at Park life. So here they are.... Huge thanks to the artists that participated in the installation that took up part of the gallery space. Contributing artists were: Alexis Amann, Stephen Amato, Corey Arnold, Ben Ashton, Matthew Bajda, Bill Daniel, Future Farmers (Audrey Snyder and Joe Riley), Carrie Hott, Robert Leeper, Patrick Trefz, Libby Wood, Kanoa Zimmerman, and film footage by SUP legendary sailor Arthur Thanash.  The installation resembled the cabin for a fictitious sailor on a containership.

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