San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival

TitleShot For the first time ever my short documentary on shipping out will be presented on the big screen in this years San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival. I've been a fan of this festival for many years, and have seen too many great films to list. I think I'm most excited to get a free pass to watch as many programs as I want this year.  Here's a link to the website for the festival  check their schedule for the list of programs that kick off this friday Feb 27th and go into next week, there is something for every ocean lover. My movie will show on Monday March 2nd with the 7pm program, hope to see you there

Interview with the Live Free Podcast

LiveFree I was excited to have a skype chat with Mike Maxwell for his legendary art podcast.  As an artist spending huge amounts of hours in the studio, podcasts like this make the hours fly by. But really there aren't too many like this. Mike is an artist himself and is about as real as they get, super down to earth and casual with the interview style. Which gets a lot of his guests opening up and talking about their lives and their practices. Thankfully I did not start crying.  Click here to see the full list of interviews    or here specifically to go to mine

“Six Degrees” FFDG Winter Group Show

BoatPeopleWebI am very excited to be part of another winter group show at FFDG here in San Francisco. And even more excited that I'm on shore and able to join this year! There is a great lineup up artists, please come out and see the work if you can. Opens fri Jan 16th and up for a month. Check for more info here....with  
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Bad Dads at Spoke Art

  I'm excited to be part of this annual Wes Anderson themed show at Spoke Art here in San Francisco. Bad Dads   To Say that I'm a Wes Anderson fan is an understatement, I've been hooked since Bottle Rocket came out. I've sent a letter, I've sent a painting I made while on watch on a container-ship, I'm a nerd...  Anyways, below is the ink painting I made for the show, its a reference to a quick shot about a fictional Atoll referenced in The Royal Tennenbaums. Come check out the show, and if you make one of the two opening nights, be sure to dress up like one of your favorite characters. Also there's a big show next door at Hashimoto curated by Thinkspace. Hazawa

New Limited Edition Etching!

Etching2 With the help of some great people at Sharp Teeth Press in Oakland, I was able to convert one of my Ink on Paper works into a magnesium etching plate, from which we made a limited edition of 55 etchings.  I am VERY happy with the results, especially the insane amount of detail that remains with this technique. The etching print is 30x11" on nice French cotton rag paper. Etching1   If you would like to purchase one of these etchings, they are $100,  please contact me here and put in a request while they last.  If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have made two custom frames myself (seen in the image above) and you can pick up one either at Park Life (link) in the Richmond or at Establish (link) in the Sunset. Both have unframed  versions as well, and are amazing shops that you need to check out if you haven't already been.  All are signed and numbered....and thats it.
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