Book Release: “An Ocean Between US”

185693_03f0ce434dab41dcadffdd84d6272a5a Ever since I got the chance to flip through some early editions of Captain Cook's "Voyages Of Discovery" books at the special collections floor of the San Francisco Public Library, I have wanted to create a book of my own. After years of planning with the guys at The Prototype Press, I am very proud of this beautiful thing we created. 185693_be440af5e65846749e16d29651985ecethe title Page from the book, all handset type 185693_017b57fddecf401dad61a33303fbe120 (1) The book is 40 pages in length and has 20 plates of my paintings. The press was especially excited about a typeface they had called Caslon, which was used in the original Capt. Cook books, so they encouraged me to write some passages for this book. So over my three months at sea last spring on the Pacific, between China, the mainland US, and Hawaii, I worked on these writings as well as some small paintings that made their way into this book.  The results are a series of short stories about shipping life and poems that mirror the fragmented subject matter and style of my images. 185693_e9eb5cc12a964922838ffa3c815da918   Images pressed into the pages using polymer as well as magnesium plates and an ancient letterpress machine   185693_eccfaf8e68b64b0cb0640be179b5d9f8 (1)   11x15" Hardbound all by hand, with a black cloth cover and copper foil stamp, an edition of 15. For interest in purchase and more info please check out the Prototype Press Website here If you would like to flip through the book in person you can check it out at K. Imperial at 49 Geary in San Francisco as well. We will likely do an official book release gathering at the gallery on Thursday Dec 10th, please check back for times. Thanks

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