Bends and Bows- A Solo Show at Public Land Gallery

I'm pleased to present a new group of paintings in a show titled Bends and Bows at Public Land Gallery in Sacramento Obviously with everything going on the show is mainly a virtual show at this point, though the gallery is taking some appointments for those interested. I put together this show with a unique challenge, to sail a 26ft boat from San Francisco to Sacramento and to create as many paintings enroute as I could. I brought a handful of recent works that were also done on short voyages on a small sailboat in the SF Bay.  Below are some images of the voyage and the show that was a result of it. As a side note, I left a day before the shelter in place order went out for the Bay Area, and as I sailed upriver, things got more locked down into Sacramento as well. A very strange time to take a trip like this, I'll have to do it again when I can enjoy the culture of the delta more, there certainly are some small town gems out there. Please contact Public Land for interest in works and check back in the next month or so as I'll be putting together a zine with them, including writing and more photos from the trip

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