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Más Cara

Well if someone told me a few years ago that after all the time/effort/money of art school I’d be making paper mache’ and hot-glueing felt to masks for a show, I’d probably have socked them in the stomach, and I’m not a very violent person. But for this show (for more info on what this […]

Mr. Ben Venom

I’m too damn proud of my friend and SFAI classmate Ben Venom, as he has recently been included in YBCA’s “Bay Area Now” summer show. In addition he just had this interview with NPR that you must listen to. Way to go Ben you really do rock!

The old blog

Well it makes me sad to just lose all those posts I did from years past, sure most are pretty pointless and immature, but hey I was never good at goodbyes. So here rather than import all of that foolishness, here is a link to what came before.